Great Expectations Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Belgium Bridal Inspiration

By Magnolia Rouge

Lead by photographer MAITHA LUNDE, a Belgian creative team created this boudoir shoot inspired by Charles Dickens Great Expectations. With stunning wild florals in rich tones by WILD FLOWER FAIRY, it features a beautiful lace veil from DELPHINE MANIVET and a vintage bodysuit. ANTE SCRIPTUM created an organic stationery suite in keeping with the theme.

"I loved her against reason, 
against promise, 
against peace, 
against hope,
against happiness, 
against all discouragement that could be." 
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

Maitha Lunde/Delphine Manivet/Madame White/Flag Models/H & M/Antoine Melis/Love, Sweet, Etc/Richard Photo Lab/Massy Creations/Wild Flower Fairy /Yapstock/Ante Scriptum/Cyrielle Verstuyft/Private Estate/Marolles Flea Market /Vintage
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Maitha Lunde - July 3, 2016
Thank you! Happy to be featured on your blog!