Mystical bridal photos in the Florida sea fog

Florida Bridal Inspiration

By Magnolia Rouge

When people think of Florida beaches, they think of warmth, blue skies and sun... but it seems that every once in a while a magical "sea fog" will roll into the sunshine state transforming the coast into a mystical place. Photographer NATO TUKE took advantage of this phenomenon and captured these beautiful bridal images. Wearing a gorgeous WATTERS WTOO gown the stunning 'bride' carries a textural bouquet by LITTLE WILD BLOOM. Nat says, "With no room to reschedule, I hoped the fog would show up on our scheduled shoot date. And to my surprise, I woke up on the day of the shoot to find Mother Nature rolling in the fog. To have combined that atmosphere with the gorgeous redhead Sydney Lafaire I was able to show a unique and beautiful side of Florida that many do not think to embrace."

NATO TUKE/A Chair Affair/WattersWtoo Catherine in Rose Gold/Lola Grace Bridal/Sydney LaFaire/Little Wild Bloom/Lo Zukowski Calligraphy
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