Pre-wedding photos in the snowy mountains of Utah

Utah Real Wedding

By Magnolia Rouge

Goodness me Utah has some incredible landscapes - it seems like a photographers paradise!! AUTUMN NICOLE PHOTO has this gorgeousness on her doorstep and took Lindsey & Parker up into the mountains for some beautiful images before their big day.

Gorgeous bride-to-be Lindsey shares with us, "Our love was messy. Our love was simple. Love is unpredictable and love is something I didn't fully understand until Parker knocked on my door on May 30 2015, and my life changed forever. I wanted our bridals to feel like that love we found. Magnificent. Filled with light. Ethereal. Infinite. Love is something I didn't fully understand until I met someone who only has to say sorry for tickling me after I use our secret code word to stop, because "he just loves to hear me laugh." Until I met someone who loves me on days when my emotions have technical difficulties. Someone who brings me flowers on sad days, and someone who says, "I choose you." I climbed a very large rock in my wedding dress, and that was symbolic for me. That was the first of many "mountains" I would climb with my sweet husband. That felt very special. Autumn captured every part of our relationship, and it was absolutely enthralling to feel that by looking at her photographs."

Autumn Nicole Photo/Casablanca Bridal/Kristin's flowers/Marisa Rose/Wilson Diamond Co.
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