Yellow & peach spring wedding ideas at a stately British home

United Kingdom Wedding Inspiration

By Magnolia Rouge

A sense of authentic beauty flowed through all styling elements by KNOT & POP with a springtime palette that mixed soft yellows with peach and the palest pinks with biscuit tones. TAYLOR & PORTER'S luminous images are just dreamy - and the very reason it was featured in Issue 16 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.    

From the gowns by SAMUELLE COUTURE, to the designer shoes by BIONDA CASTANA and unique jewellery and accessories by ZOE & MORGAN and bridal accessories designer NATURAE DESIGN, the look was one of natural opulence. Florist, JO FLOWERS, brought the often avoided colour of yellow to life, combining it with soft peach and apricot tones in a loose overflowing bouquet. She says, "The tones I chose are confident and clear in their meaning, they are about strength found in something beautiful and delicate. The shapes and textures were always about the mystery of romance, and I wanted to tell the story of how a life in love is best spent dreaming and indulging."

Set in a 5000 acre English estate, SOMERLEYTON HALL is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful stately homes in Britain, inspiring a long line of creatives from the celebrated garden designer Joseph Paxton (who designed the greenhouse in which the banquet table is set) to the architect and sculptor, John Thomas (who designed some of the building itself, where this story is told). The Somerleyton Hall Family motto is "Everything That Is Good Comes From Above". With this in mind the story draws on the idea of the muse and how people and places imbued with what can seem like divinely given beauty can in turn inspire creativity and further gloriousness. SOMERLEYTON breathes intrigue and boundless beauty. From the sumptuous bedrooms, to the stunning Winter Garden orangery, statement pergola and gardens, the concept centred on a naturally beautiful and organic sense of luxury to best complement the surrounds. 

Bridal accessories designer NATURAE DESIGN is part of the Magnolia Rouge Vendor Guide. If you're looking for beautiful bridal accessories be sure to see more of the collection here

Taylor & Porter/Naturae Design/Knot & Pop/Bionda Castana/The White Company at Prezola/Silk & Willow/Zoe & Morgan/Jo Flowers/Gemma Sutton/Somerleyton/Classic Crockery/Helene Millot/ASOS/CMA Hire/Admirable Crichton/Richard Photo Lab/ASOS/Helene Millot/The Little North Sea Studio/Wild Flower Cakes/James Cumbes at Gingersnap/Samuelle Couture/Vito from ASOS/Andrea Schmidt at Wilhelmina
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