Simple organic lifestyle shoot in Nepal overlooking the Himalayas

Nepal Lifestyle

By Magnolia Rouge

This quiet and gentle lifestyle shoot by INGVILD KOLNES is full of subtle emotion. Captured at The Beyond Workshop - a non-profit workshop intended to give back to the people of Nepal - which is hosted by NINA & WES, the session features a young Swedish couple - Susanne and Fredrik - on their honeymoon in the mountains overlooking the Himalayas - including Mt. Everest. Ingvild tells us, "I feel that true love is an important key word here - there is no shadow of a doubt that these guys love and adore each other. Not a word was spoken, and it was so wonderful and inspiring to be able to be a part of their morning as they read, danced and laughed together." ABANY BAUER styled the shoot in a very organic, untouched manner. 

Ingvild Kolnes/Susanne Axelsson & Fredrik Bergström/Marcus Patrick/Heather Smith/Jaclyn Journey/Nina & Wes/Abany Bauer/Sari Bari
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