SUBMISSION INFO: In order to better focus on our vendors and our readers for the upcoming year we will not be accepting any new submissions until February 1st, 2017 with the below exceptions:

All other submission emails will not be reviewed. Thank you so much for your understanding.

If you are an advertiser or this is a magazine submission please submit directly to us via email:

All submissions should include the following:

  • Please send between 50-100 images (less for an engagement or lifestyle shoot). We prefer dropbox, pixieset or a pass gallery.
  • Please do not send us 2 images or a link to a facebook gallery. In order to make an informed decision and to not double up on our workload it helps us to see the entire submission to start with.
  • Please do not submit anything to us if you are still waiting to get a response back from another blog.
  • Please include a description of the wedding or shoot and provide us with all vendor credit details.

We do our absolute best to respond to all submissions, and aim to reply to you within a week whether we choose to publish it or not. If you haven't heard back in this time please feel free to follow up with us or submit it elsewhere. If am unable to post the content you submit or don't feel that it is suitable, please do not be disheartened: it may just mean we are not the best fit for your work this time round or that our editorial calender is booked up. However I hope you will still consider us for future submissions to share with our readers.