Kathryn Bruns Photography

Utah Photographer


Hey there, I’m Kat! I’m a fine art wedding photographer, blending an editorial and photojournalistic approach to my work. While currently based out of Salt Lake City, UT, I’m available for travel across the globe. Trust me, there’s a whole list of places where I’m dying to shoot. So if you’re planning a destination wedding or an intimate elopement, I’m your gal!

I find true beauty in moments of honest interaction between people in love. This has drawn me to weddings and couples, although I have a passion for editorial work as well. My eye for things raw and genuine has been fundamental in creating my business, and it’s a joy to work with people who share that vision. Striving for these attributes in my photos has led me into the exciting realm of hybrid photography. Essentially, I shoot both film and digital, and edit the digital photos to match my film scans.

Each couple is unique, and I believe that each session should be unique. Drawing inspiration from natural elements, together we elevate real moments into timeless art. And we have a dang fun time of it!

In short, I live a wonderfully imperfect life with my husband and our two adorable kids. We enjoy the outdoors, movies, trying new restaurants and recipes, serving in our church, and spending time with our families. I’m a sucker for dark chocolate & blackberry lemonade.

IF I HAVE A FREE SUNDAY I WOULD SPEND IT… sleeping in and snuggling with my family, then going to church and having dinner together.

MY MOST MEMORABLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WAS… my senior year in high school our orchestra was able to take a trip to San Diego. This was my first time seeing palm trees in real life and seeing the ocean for the first time. It felt like my heart opened up, and suddenly I wanted to see the world instead of being content living in my small-town bubble for the rest of my life.


WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY JOB IS… I get to meet incredible people who trust me to be an artist to tell their story; it really doesn’t get any better than that!

IF I DIDN’T DO THIS FOR A JOB I WOULD BE/DO… I’ve always had an affinity for marine biology!

IF I COULD GIVE NEWLY ENGAGED COUPLES ONE PIECE OF ADVICE IT WOULD BE… learn your partners love language! It took me 5 years of marriage to realise that my love language and my husbands aren’t the same. Knowing the way you each communicate love helps you recognise how much they are showing you that they love you, and you know how to better show them you love them in a way they’ll understand.

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE BECAUSE… It’s amazing. In the span of a few hours, I could drive from snowy mountain tops & evergreens to sandy deserts and red rock. There is so much beauty in Utah, not to mention four distinctive seasons. I don’t know if I could ever settle down somewhere that doesn’t have snow at Christmas.

IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IT WOULD BE… I’d love to move to Seattle or Italy for a year. Those are randomly different, I know!

MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IS? Well I thought it was “While You Were Sleeping”, (a classic in my family, and I love a good chick flick), but my husband just introduced me to “Life Is Beautiful” and I feel like life has changed.

MOST MEMORABLE MEAL I’VE EVER EATEN WAS… my first time in San Diego! At the Seaport Center, at a little shack called “Marion’s Fish Market” I ordered clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl, and ate it on the boardwalk with a crisp breeze. I don’t really know why, but that will always stick with me!

THE PETS I OWN ARE… none at the moment, but don’t think for a second that I’m not crazy puppy hungry! When the kiddos are old enough to stop putting their mouths on everything, a dog will straightaway enter the picture. I’ve always dreamed about having a golden retriever!