Almond Leaf Studios

North Carolina Photographer & North Carolina Videographer

We are a husband and wife team who have the privilege of working together full time, with the help of our talented team. We are based in Asheville, NC but available worldwide. We offer both photography and videography for your wedding day. Elizabeth started the company in 2008 and continues to be the lead photographer. After falling in love and marrying David, she convinced him to join her full time, adding videography to the company.

IF I HAVE A FREE SUNDAY I WOULD SPEND IT… walking with our pup and baby girl to one of our favourite local places on the river. Soaking up the sun and enjoying a drink or two with some good eats from the food trucks there that day.

MY MOST MEMORABLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WAS… I got to spend a lot of time traveling all over the world, documenting the work that other NGO’s are accomplishing. One time I (Elizabeth) was traveling on my own to a remote area of Uganda and after my long flight, the organization sent a driver to come and pick me up. He spoke very little English and I assumed he worked for the organization. Turns out, he did not. He also had no idea where to take me after driving the 2 hours to the town I was supposed to work in. We stopped to ask for directions in the middle of nowhere, and I was invited in to use someone’s phone and much to my surprise, I walked in to find a friend I knew from North Carolina! It was the craziest experience. Of all the places we could have stopped, and with how crazy it was starting to feel as I was stuck with this driver and all my gear, having no idea where he was taking me, or how to direct him, seeing a familiar face was such a relief!

THE COUNTRY I MOST WANT TO VISIT IS… I spent a semester abroad in Italy studying Art and I dream of going back and taking David with me. 

IF I DIDN’T DO THIS FOR A JOB I WOULD BE… an interior designer. We  had the chance to redesign a house for some friends recently and we loved the experience!

IF I COULD GIVE NEWLY ENGAGED COUPLES ONE PIECE OF ADVICE IT WOULD BE… enjoy one another. It’s such a fun season of life that you don’t get to re-do, so as much as you can, relax and enjoy eachother even when wedding planning starts to get a little stressful.

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE BECAUSE… we have the best dining and drinks, and the mountains call to me. I love the ocean, too, but we get lakes and rivers, with mountaintops too! I can walk out of a grocery store or Target and the view of the mountains takes my breath away some days. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!