Elyse Hall Photography

Arizona Photographer


Hello, my name is Elyse and I am a fine art photographer passionate about love, life and film photography. I cannot help but be in love with love. I get teary-eyed and giddy every time a bride walks down the aisle, and the groom sees her for the first time. Since the age of eight, every time someone asked me what I was going to do "when I grew up," my response was always "a photographer.

My photography style is unique. I am a fine art photographer and my passion for amazing images comes through every time I pick up a camera. I have received local and national recognition from prestigious blogs and magazines. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life that I have. I have the world's greatest job, the sweetest husband and the two most adorable girls ever.

IF I HAVE A FREE SUNDAY I WOULD SPEND IT… with my Family. We love being together and spending time together. From working on house projects to binge watching movies to trying a new restaurant we just love being together.

MY MOST MEMORABLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WAS… when I was a kid I traveled from the Philippines to Hong Kong by boat the week it turned back from British rule to Chinese, that was spectacular.

THE COUNTRY I MOST WANT TO VISIT IS… France. I love everything French, from the music, the food and the culture. I am pretty much obsessed.

WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY JOB IS… honestly, everything. I work well under pressure and I like thinking on my toes. So that portion of the day is exciting and energizing. I love working with a great team. I have a lot to offer as far as experience and how photography can change the design or feel of the wedding and giving input, collaborating with other artists to raise the bar and make us all be our best selves/vendors on the day. I also love the raw emotions. I love watching two people in LOVE. I love a fresh start, a new beginning and how truly magical that is.

IF I DIDN’T DO THIS FOR A JOB I WOULD BE… a OBGYN. I love babies and new beginnings and I think I would just adore that field.

IF I COULD GIVE NEWLY ENGAGED COUPLES ONE PIECE OF ADVICE IT WOULD BE… hire a strong team. You need a great wedding planner, great photographer and great florist. With those bones you cannot go wrong.

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE BECAUSE… I love Arizona because of our weather and sun. I very rarely detail with bad weather and I love bright and sunny photos. We also have some pretty talented people and an awesome community of creatives that I just love working with.

IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IT WOULD BE… Where I live. I love where I live and would not live anywhere else.

MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IS? When Harry Met Sally.

MOST MEMORABLE MEAL I’VE EVER EATEN WAS… Hmmmmm…. This is a hard one. I love trying good restaurants and I am such a foodie. I would say one year for Thanksgiving my husband kids and I skipped all the family get together and went to dinner at a very nice hotel in town and it was such a nice treat to just be together and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning and enjoy each other.

THE PETS I OWN ARE… our Golden-doodle Paco. He is the furriest little monster and we are all in love with him.