What better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage than with a gorgeous photo shoot in the extremely picturesque Austrian Alps at a castle? Tim & Veronika met in Kazakhstan 14 years ago and shortly afterwards Tim emigrated to Germany. After three years of a long-distance relationship, the two finally wanted to marry and live together in Germany. Bureaucracy made this rather challenging, but they managed to collect all the necessary documents and then marry in Kazakhstan. As they didn't know whether the authorities would approve the marriage, they could not plan the wedding until after they'd made it official. When it was confimed that they were allowed to marry, it was a mere three days until the celebration which was held with close family and friends before Tim had to travel back to Germany without Veronika. For this reason they got very few images from their actual day so a repeat performance - albeit 10 years later - was much desired. They enlisted the help of ALEXANDRA HERLINSKI to capture this beautiful day in the Alps.