Today's beautiful wedding inspiration comes from Ukrainian wedding photographer SLAVA MISHURA. Captured at Stone Grace National History & Archaeology Reserve, it tells the love story of a writer and her beloved who are separated by thousands of miles and a raging ocean. The location itself has a mystical history - based on research scientists have shown that the stone tomb is a powerful emitter of energy. At the top of the hill are five stones with positive energy and only one with a negative. Famous people such as Dalai Lama and explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau have visited the Tomb of Stone, and it is said to be a great meditative spot.

The shoot features a modest long-sleeved gown by CATHY TELLE and a stunning bouquet by LUCKY LIKE FLOWERS. A handwritten love letter by ALEKSA CALLIGRAPHY, huge boulders, a sandy evening landscape and a setting sun filled the atmosphere with warmth and light and tell the tale of love being alive despite distance being a barrier.