Are you a bride-to-be dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy? Then, allow us to take you on a journey through the beautiful tale of Krisela and Jason's intimate Sicilian affair at THE GRAND HOTEL TIMEO, captured through the lens of Stockholm wedding photographer 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY. Their story might inspire you to consider Taormina, Sicily, as the perfect location for your own destination wedding.

Krisela and Jason's love story is a testament to the power of genuine connections. Their journey began with a virtual encounter that quickly evolved into something extraordinary as they discovered a profound bond rooted in shared passions and experiences. From savouring exotic cuisines to twirling in spontaneous kitchen dances, they found joy in life's simplest pleasures, teaching us to treasure every moment and embrace new connections with open hearts.

Jason's unforgettable proposal to Krisela amidst the serene beauty of Daylesford, Australia, marked the beginning of their journey. When it came time to choose the location for their nuptials, Taormina's unmistakable allure proved irresistible. They knew that THE GRAND HOTEL TIMEO would provide the idyllic setting for their intimate ceremony, officiated by the bride's father on one of the hotel's gorgeous terraces.

As the day unfolded, the beauty of Taormina's surroundings became even more apparent, and the wedding guests were left in awe of the stunning views of the azure coastline and vibrant bougainvillea blooms. As the sun began to set, guests enjoyed a relaxed cocktail hour, savouring local delicacies and classic Italian cocktails. A reception dinner followed, complemented by the stunning view of the sun setting behind the majestic mountains of Sicily, creating an unforgettable memory in the hearts of all those who witnessed it.

Krisela and Jason share a deep love that is rooted in valuing the importance of family and friendships. On their wedding day, they celebrated the unwavering support and love they received from their loved ones, including Krisela's sister, who has always been her closest confidante, and Jason's brother, Jamie. It was a happy occasion filled with joy and gratitude for the people who mean the most to the couple.

As you plan your own micro wedding in Italy, we hope that Krisela and Jason's story will inspire and delight you. Taormina, Sicily, with its irresistible blend of opulence and allure, might be the perfect location to start the next chapter of your own love story.

A huge thank you to Stockholm wedding photographer 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing this absolutely beautiful wedding with us. Keeping film alive one wedding at a time., Isabelle is a film photographer who serves couples throughout Sweden, Europe, and beyond. "I promise you a presence that's reliable, a spirit that's creative, and photos that are extraordinary. Your wedding is a sensation. Not just because you know how to throw a sensational party. But the feeling of joy, of romance. The most important people in your life have joined you in this incredible celebration—enjoy every minute of it! My photos will capture that and make you relive the experience every time you look at them … the cheers when you kiss, the bubbles on your tongue when you toast, the warmth of love you feel all day. I create images that pull you back to each incredible moment, taking photos you can feel." You can see more of her portfolio here.