Simone and Lincoln’s pre-wedding shoot - beautiful captured here by Sydney wedding photographer AMELIA SOEGIJONO - was inspired by the simple moments in life. With planning & styling by RUFFLES AND BELLS, Amelia tells us, "We wanted to capture beauty in simple moments you spend together as a couple. Waking up together in the warm sunrise, sharing and preparing a gracious brunch together, enjoyed over lots of laughter and kisses in between.

Like many other lovebirds, Simone & Lincoln's wedding was a Covid casualty, so it made us even more determined to help them have a tender and heartfelt experience beyond simply creating beautiful photographs. We were so delighted that Lincoln was excited about our idea - of creating little surprises for Simone - just telling her how he just can't wait to marry her! We went as far as organising her favourite desserts from all over the world! Their pre-wedding shoot became a day of many heart-melting happy tears as a result . They both wrote love letters to each other and shared a quiet moment in front of MONT DU SOLEIL'S cottage - that hug that was captured was beyond words... a quiet but powerful moment they will never forget. Lincoln also organised a bespoke illustration from A LITTLE BITE BY GRACE that speaks of the future, of the adventures that they will look forward to together traveling the world.

The styling for the day was very much inspired by the stunning MONT DU SOLEIL with its Tuscan inspired walls, rich corals, deep earthy tones, abundant, lush greens and intricate details that brought everyone straight back to a secret corner in Europe. Warm colours were used throughout the elements and florals by TREMELLA BOTANICALS intertwined with delicate details like fabric and handmade paper to emphasise the romantic tone of the day.  

At the end of the day, we headed to Melbourne, the city where their love story began. We wrapped up the shoot asking Lincoln and Simone to reminiscence their first kiss - literally. It was truly a day that was so unforgettable and precious, even to us their vendors. We were so privileged that they have trusted us to unfold their stories!"

A huge thank you to Sydney wedding photographer AMELIA SOEGIJONO for sharing this beautiful pre-wedding shoot with us today. If you're a Sydney bride be sure to check out more of Amelia's work in our vendor guide. As a wedding photographer Amelia is invested in your love story. "Working with you is not just another job to be completed but it is truly an honour and a gift and my life's work." You might also want to check out this Intimate Modern Wedding Inspiration at The Ritz, Paris.