I'm a big fan of marriage! This may be an obvious statement for someone running a wedding blog but it's not something to be taken for granted these days. I've been married for 12 years and I truly count my blessings that I married such a good match and that I still continue to look forward to our future together. Without a doubt my husband is my greatest champion and best friend and I wish that for everyone! This beautiful session by SARAH INGRAM celebrates Taylor & Kurt's marriage. Albeit a short one thus far, I love how aware they are not to take it for granted. The shoot was simply to celebrate their relationship and document how they have changed together since marrying. Sarah says, "They have a comfort and easiness about them now that they were surprised to see come through in their photos, as compared to their wedding images."

Taylor shares with us, "Marriage and growth between a husband and wife is something I believe should be celebrated both often and well. While we may still be considered "newlyweds" after two and a half short years of marriage, I love to look back at photos together and reminisce on the changes and development in our relationship since our wedding day. Capturing each season together creates tangible memories for us as a couple and we value that as a token of sharing and reflection. This is why we chose to have Sarah photograph us in this season of life and marriage. Being married young - we were high school sweet hearts -  has given us the rare opportunity to continue growing up together and it's so enriching to see how we grow independently and as a couple. I am a self-employed wedding planner and Kurt is an Economics teacher and Varsity football coach. While both pursuing our individual dreams we are constantly looking to each other for support and ways to grow closer, even during time spent apart. Chasing your dreams and desires creates a personal fulfillment that we are able to bring in to our marriage to encourage each others passions. Enriching our marriage by spending quality time together truly is my greatest joy and I love to build him up and encourage him in every day life. I hope to share photos and memories like this with our family in the future, and with each other as we continue to take root and sprout new branches throughout our union."