The days that pass after your wedding are some of the happiest. As you reminisce over the moments of your special day and unwind into a relaxed mode of married life! What better way to remember this restful time than with a romantic honeymoon portrait session. Cosy cotton clothing, english tea, a good book to read and maybe a hot bath to soak away in... this editorial shows how photographing a couple relaxing and interacting with each other can add some beautiful memories to your destination elopement. IMOGEN XIANA captured these beautiful moments that has us dreaming of a few days in a cosy hotel in the English countryside.

IMOGEN tells us, "Alongside film makers, BAXTER & TED, I wanted to capture a story of love and intimacy. Naturalness and a strong connection between my subjects. I was inspired by the concept of a relaxed and super happy newly married couple, the atmosphere at HOTEL ENDSLEIGH creates the perfect environment to unwind. Discovering a way to weave in the detail and the human chemistry is always a goal in any editorial I photograph. It's the revealing of any piece of magic that makes each photograph special - the way the light dances through a room, the chemistry that pulls two people together. My eyes are always open to every detail, ready to push my shutter and lock the magic into a frame. With each of my clients, I'm also inspired by their story so spending time with my clients in an important way of seeing things you often miss at first glance.