HELEN CAWTE PHOTOGRAPHY & CAMILLA ARNHOLD PHOTOGRAPHY collaborated on this intimate elopement shoot with TOAST EVENT DESIGN with the aim of creating something beautifully decadent and indulgent whilst still being romantic. "Our aim was to step away from the pastel hues we've been seeing of late and instead curate a rich shoot full of deep reds, burgundy and gold and set it all within a luxurious manor house.  Our inspiration came from many sources, from the stunning setting at HILL PLACE which magically transports you to a world of finer things as soon as you enter, to the time of year - Spring, with it's many different colours and new beginnings. We wanted all of our suppliers to have free reign on their design and work by literally just giving them the title and a colour palate and asked the wonderful Briony from TOAST EVENT DESIGN to curate and bring everything together for us, which she did beautifully." MARTHA & THE MEADOW created a beautiful bouquet of deep burgundy, pinks and reds and an off the shoulder gown by NAOMI NEOH features soft draping keeping the look young and fresh.