You've probably gathered by now that I'm rather obsessed with landscapes and scenery. Have been since I was a young girl. My friends always found it odd that on road trips I just stared out the window in awe at the magical vistas surrounding us. I still feel that way when I visit incredible places and I lose way too much time day-dreaming over instagram feeds filled with amazing landscape photography. So combine these landscapes with beautiful imagery, a gorgeous dress and a couple in love and I'm all over it! This utterly amazing shoot by VICTORIA SELMAN celebrates Spencer & Kristin's five year anniversary and I can't think of a better way to do so.

Victoria tells us, "Spencer & Kristin wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a special way, so they decided to travel together for one month. Spencer works as a captain out on the coast of California (a far distance from their home in Annapolis, Maryland) so they are apart several months at a time, making this trip together even more meaningful! They traveled to Norway, Denmark, and Iceland with their one-and-a-half-year-old, Noah. Hunter (my husband and second shooter) and I met them in Iceland to document their anniversary and travels. The four of us drove along the coast of Iceland and hopped out to take photos when we unearthed new treasures of scenery. We walked along the dramatic cliffs of Iceland, breathing in the sea air whirling off of the water. As we drove along the ring road, we discovered an abandoned farmhouse nestled inside of wrapping snow-capped mountains. Our journey continued as we drove by a small Icelandic fishing town and noticed a tiny black church. These tiny churches are iconic in Iceland, paying homage to an era when it was mandatory for Icelanders to attend church. Since traveling wasn't as attainable as it is nowadays, small towns or individual homes would construct their own churches! It definitely creates a beautiful place to take anniversary photos. With international adventure, romance, and fresh inspiration as the core of this shoot, I hope you enjoy!"

We certainly did enjoy and now have a bad case of wanderlust!