I'm loving the adventurous nature of this engagement shoot from ERIN WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY - so much so I kinda want to go and head into the wilderness and go camping! Bride to be Molly explains their story... 

"James and I first met at a dinner party-turned board game party-turned dance party, at which he barely noticed me and I left thinking he seemed like bad news. It wasn’t until I made an offhand remark about playing Dungeons and Dragons (of all things) at a later group hangout that he wrote me afterwards and a conversation sprang up between us, primarily consisting of cat and Harry Potter puns. I was out of the country when this long string of quips got started, and by the time I came back the writing was already on the wall. 

The first time we hung out together just the two of us, he showed up on the motorcycle. Not knowing how I would feel about it or if I would ride it, he smiled and asked me if I trusted him. Of course, I had been told by many people I love and respect to never ride motorcycles; it’s just too dangerous. In that moment, all the good advice I’d ever received went straight out the window. I jumped on behind him, he took off, and we never looked back. 

I wanted photos that captured us as we naturally are together: doing something we like to do anyway, wearing clothes we usually wear. I wanted them to be honest and fun and uncontrived. I associate his motorcycle with falling in love with James, and one of our favourite things is going for a ride and finding a beautiful, forested area to string up a hammock and read together. So that’s where we drew inspiration for the engagement session. Erin did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of romance and adventure I was hoping for!"