We love sharing not only beautiful weddings, but the stories of love through the years. The ones that have celebrated the good times and survived the tough times, and are still standing strong.  A. THOMAS PHOTOGRAPHY captured Leah & Daniel's love a couple of years after the cake was all eaten and the flowers were dried up and it's no less special... if anything it's more!

Abigail tells us, "As a wedding photographer, it is so easy to get caught up in the details of a wedding day: the perfectly placed ring box, the ribbon of a bridal bouquet swirling in the breeze... these things are what make our creative hearts swoon. However, the details are just part of the story. Honestly, the entire wedding day is just part of the story... the days and years that follow are where the true moments happen. When a couple continues to choose one another, day after day... when they say "I still do" and not just "I will", the story gets real and raw and beautiful. These moments are my favourites to capture. Leah and Daniel got married a little over two years ago, and anyone that knows them understands the value of choice-these two are so good at loving one another every day, not just on the perfect days. They are truly a couple that so many of us around them look up to, so when we started discussing their anniversary session, I knew it had to be something special. These two love a picnic, so we incorporated some of their favourite foods, drinks, and floral details in celebration of their anniversary... but their love is what truly steals the show every time.