Arriving in the side cart of your Dad's motorcycle is one way to make an entrance... especially when it surprises everyone including the groom and Mother-of-the-bride! Certainly a fun way to ease a few nerves! Jackie & Stephen were lucky enough to have her parents backyard serve as their wedding venue. Whilst the gardens were rather overgrown when they first bought it, they have transformed it into the beautiful property you see in these images by LAURA MAHONY.

HOW DID YOU MEET? We both grew up in the tiny town of Terang & also attended the same School, although a couple of years between us. After High School we both ventured away from the local town for work and study. The attraction started many years later when it just so happened we were both back home at the same time and often crossing paths.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Stephen - I had big plans for us to swim out to the pontoons at the Geraldton city beach foreshore and ask Jackie, we love the beach and spend most of our weekends. However this Thursday morning Jackie wouldn't budge, there was absolutely no way she was swimming the 25m out in the ocean that day. Someone had read too many shark stories that week. 

So plan B later that morning, Jackie and I were going to the local races on our day off, I knew I had to do it before we left. I managed to follow Jackie around the house all nervous for over an hour. As Jackie was getting ready, makeup so forth, she was hardly dressed appropriately for a proposal, hardly dressed. in between me following jackie around in her undies and me getting yelled at for being annoying and following her around I nearly put the proposal off for another day.

In a last gasp effort, and very romantically I dropped to one knee in the laundry on our way out the door to the races.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: The Arch - It was such a team effort and the final result was amazing highly exceeding my expectations. My Father handpicked two perfect tree limbs from the paddock months ahead of the Wedding, and had the helping hands of my Brother’s and the Groom in building the arch. My Mother made the flower arrangements and had them prepared for ‘Lush Events’ to attach to the arch. The arch fitted in perfectly to the surrounding garden as well as the theme. Well deserving to all the continuous compliments.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: I was fortunate that my very talented cousin put my bouquet together, very impressed with how perfectly they matched the flowers on the Arch when there was minimal communication and put together by separate people.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: Like most of the Wedding planning it was rather difficult as we were living in WA 500kms North of Perth. The thought of trying dresses on without my Mum, didn't feel right so knew it was best to fly home. I went in thinking I new what style I would love and tried them on first, it just so happened they looked horrendous on me. I was really thrown but continued to try many different looks. I struggled to like many as I found the dresses to restrictive and awkward to walk in and just not me. The consultant picked a dress out that I thought had no chance of suiting me but as soon as I put the dress on I practically danced in the store as it was so comfortable and made me feel great.I had appointments booked at other Bridal shops so continued on browsing, but nothing compared to that dress at the first shop.

ANY DIY ELEMENTS? Throughout the year Mum prepared all the succulents for the table decorations as well as setting the rustic theme throughout the Ceremony & Reception. Dad searched through the wood heap for the best logs so they could also be used for the table decorations (including cut outs to hold the candles). We attached worn tin to the front of trestles to give a rustic look to the bar.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? As passed onto me from a close friend. “You may not get everything done before or on the day but don't let the little details bring you down”

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? The Entrance; Keeping it very quiet from the guests, Groom and more importantly the Mother of the Bride that I would be arriving in the side cart to Dad’s BSA motorcycle. The gasps from my Mother when she realised what was happening not only a funny sight but eased the nerves especially for the Groom.