We're loving the elegant, ethereal nature of this ballet inspired shoot from MIRELLE CARMICHAEL. Featuring some divine gowns from some of our favourites; ALEXANDRA GRECCO and RUE DE SEINE via THE DRESS THEORY, it's really every little girls dream shoot! Mirelle explains the beautiful story that inspired the shoot;

�When I was in the 7th or 8th grade there was a teacher who asked my class to stylistically write our names on a giant sheet of paper and put a bunch of magazine cut outs around it in an effort to create an 'about me' board. I suppose I must have always been a Pinterest-er at heart, because I filled up every last inch of that sheet of paper with photos and quotes - anything that I found to be an inspiration. One magazine cut-out that I kept through the years (but sadly lost it somewhere between all my moving up and down the coast) was a black and white photo of a ballerina doing an arabesque, on pointe and outdoors. I have always had a fascination with ballerinas, but that photo start my fascination with photography. I loved everything about that ballerina photo - the lighting, the composition, the moment of her dancing captured. I knew then that I wanted to photograph people and their stories for a living, and although my path took a bit longer than many others that I know (BA in Psychology from UCSB, then hello, dental and financial industry), I'm glad to call photography my career. I started doing professional wedding photography full-time almost 6 years ago, and have recently started taking on more and more bridal editorial and press shoot endeavors. This ballet wedding inspiration shoot was always in the back of my mind, and I finally had the opportunity bring some of my ideas to life. Gianna at THE DRESS THEORY was kind enough to let me photograph some of the shop's most beautiful gowns and pieces, and my friend from childhood that works with the ballet industry found me a wonderfully talented and beautiful ballerina, Brook Gunn of New West Ballet (thank you Christie for introducing us!). The team for this photoshoot was small but mighty - AMBER SILVA MAKEUP ARTIST, ALISSA BELL PRESS, and Hannah of MODERN BOUQUET all contributed their loveliest work. This shoot was also the first time I left my digital set up at home and photographed everything on 100% film. Special thanks to Danny Goodman and the Goodman Film Lab for their hard work to ensure my photographs are presented at their best!�

Photography MIRELLE CARMICHAEL / Clothing, gowns and jewellery THE DRESS THEORY / French lace top RUE DE SEINE / Silk camisole and beaded top ALEXANDRA GRECCO / Blue tulle skirt ALEXANDRA GRECCO /Low back gown RUE DE SEINE / Hand-beaded gown JENNY PACKHAM / Cathedral veil SARA GABRIEL / Gold haircomb UNTAMED PETALS / Triangle earrings LULU FROST / Studs JENNY PACKHAM / Green leaf crown LOVE SPARKLE PRETTY / Bouquet MODERN BOUQUET / Makeup AMBER SILVA MAKEUP ARTIST / Letterpress invitations ALISSA BELL PRESS