We are loving the gracefulness of this Black swan inspired ballet shoot by Sydney wedding photographer WE ARE ORIGAMI. Wearing stunning gowns from THE BABUSHKA BALLERINA the model carries some absolutely incredible bouquets by TRILLE FLORAL.

Stylist Alice of ALC EVENTS & STYLING had this to say about the shoot, "Elegant and dainty is an understatement when describing our model. Her natural make-up and soft up-do invite onlookers to admire her angelic aura. Her look is coupled with lounge and ballet movements creating a sensual artistic flair in each shot, where her femininity is extensively portrayed through her intricately designed gowns. Yet while all is seemingly well, something disrupts the elegance and beauty of our model and she transforms from what was once a white swan into something darker, something more lustful, something fierce. Her previously exposed semi-naked body which symbolised her vulnerability is now replaced with a brave, aubergine gown that complements her darker make up, injecting a sultry mood into the scene. Her piercing eyes hide her prior fragility, where now, there is only room for dominance and ferocity. The black feather features and dramatic movements juxtapose the cream-coloured flowers, exuding a creeping chaos in a seemingly perfect world. The dark side within all of us trickles out; her silky and flowy dress shows her versatility to transform between her two sides seamlessly, warning those to not bring out her hidden persona."

Thank you so much to Sydney wedding photographer WE ARE ORIGAMI for sharing this incredible inspiration with us. If you're a Sydney bride head over to our vendor guide to see more work by WE ARE ORIGAMI (Sydney wedding photographer). You might also want to check out this Ethereal bridal shoot in golden sands by them.