Little did I know when I posted my very first inspiration board a few years back which was also my first post that I'd still be going 300 boards later, have a magazine, and an amazing community of supporters both vendors who have become some of my closest friends, and readers around me. Whilst blogging may seem like a easy gig' to a lot of people, don't be fooled it's a LOT of work, and for the sake of full transparency here, there are many days where I question why I'm doing this to the point where I have considered giving up several times. There are days when I wonder if anyone is taking notice or reading the posts (and now magazines) I've spent hours putting together, days where I long for a colleague at the desk next to me to ask an opinion of and days where I simply don't feel like chatting' but feel somewhat obligated to (yes I realise it's only me putting that pressure on myself!), and of course days where a regular ol' paycheck would be most welcome!! Self doubt is by far my biggest enemy. But my love for photography, design and all things pretty keep me going and at the end of the day I wouldn't trade this not always so easy gig' for anything. Having to be in a corporate environment, answer to a boss (other than my husband hehe!), at a desk at a certain time every day is certainly not something I'm cut out for! So here's to the next 300 boards!! I'm most grateful and thankful to all of you for reading and your constant support and encouragement believe me it means more than you can imagine! Mwah x