I have a complete obsession with the beautiful textures of the buildings you find in Europe... and doors! I literally take photos of hundreds of doors.. now that I have Rylee, she's usually standing in front of them! Gregory & Mailys did this lovely shoot with the backdrop of the Italian coastal town of Monopoli contributing to the character of the images... and plenty of the aforementioned doors! Captured by DELPHINE LERICHE this couples shoot is equal parts charming and delightful.

Dephine tells us, "I don’t think there is a better place than Italy to document a true, authentic love story. Italy has a special vibe, especially Puglia. To me, it is one of the most beautiful part of Italy. Truly authentic, not so touristy. The region has a peaceful vibe and I absolutely fell in love with the little town, Monopoli, a hidden gem. Monopoli's name belies its Greek origins - "monos polis" meaning unique city. Today's Monopoli is unique in that, unlike many of the other coastal towns in this area that are laid-back beach resorts, it is a bustling little city with a commercial center. The new town sprawls out along the coast, but Monopoli retains its charming historic centre and fishing tradition.

Gregory and Mailys share the same opinion as me. They both are in love with this region of Italy. I met Gregory and Mailys at a photography workshop in Italy in 2016, they are both photographer themselves. Mailys is a wedding photographer full time and Gregory, a professional dancer who document weddings too with Mailys. We became friends and I always thought they were a really cute couple. So when I knew we would be back for the Ostuni workshop in 2017, I asked if I could capture them in the streets of Monopoli. We planned the shoot together. We woke up quite early when the city was still peaceful and quiet and we strolled together in the streets. Every little cute street was an excuse to stop and take pictures. We could have spent the whole day taking pictures in every corner. We had a lot of fun as you can tell from the pictures. And they were so happy their love beautiful reflects in the photos."