There is something very charming and quaint about the English countryside, and this shoot by ANNAMARIE AKINS PHOTOGRAPHY embodies that very sense - despite the fact that it took place in Virginia. Since stylist Kelsey of TART EVENT CO. has explained this shoot so well I'm going to hand you straight over to her to talk you through it...

"When we first pulled up to the family home where our shoot was going to take place, its charm and character took our breath away. Every corner of the property was filled to the brim with a very particular personality & a story began to take shape that guided our every move while planning the shoot. From a tender morning breakfast, to a delicate moment of the groom helping his bride prepare to walk down their wooded aisle, to a hushed embrace at sunset between a new husband and wife, we wanted to tell a story of an intimate wedding day fueled by gentle love and natural beauty.

The characters of this story quickly came to life - a couple in love, with a devotion to all things sincere and a reverence for life's quiet moments. They were a couple who felt the right spring breeze brush their cheeks one morning as they drank their coffee and decided to skip the fuss of wedding planning - "Let's elope after breakfast." She was a bride whose wedding dress had been found years before and left it in her closet for a 'Someday' that she knew would eventually arrive. He was a groom who laughed and cried his way through the vows he made to his bride in the quiet of the woods. They were a pair of newlyweds who chose a lavender pie as their wedding cake & a sunset picnic on the dock for their first meal as husband and wife.

Each soft moment of this shoot was deliberately crafted to capture the beauty of authentic, true love - a love so comfortable that it becomes home, without applause or bright lights. We were taken away with this couple and their gentle affection who so easily brought our vision of a sweet, woodland elopement to life."

How gorgeous is this wreath by AMANDA BURNETTE FLORAL DESIGN​?