We're loving the modern look of this textural inspiration shoot captured at GRAYSTONE QUARRY just outside of Nashville, Tennessee by LEAH MICHELLE. Stylist extraordinaire JESSICA SLOANE chose a chic modern two-piece gown by SARAH SEVEN which was the perfect contrast against the stark coolness of the grey stone. 

"The natural elements captured in this shoot have a freedom to them, depicting  daring and authentic union between the bride and groom. From the organic ring to the branch runner to the handmade ceramics to the boulder table, a sense of wild simplicity is created at the wedding table. We chose to dress this rugged, natural quarry setting with minimalistic, modern styling in order to accentuate the natural beauty of both the couple and the table. The minimalist rock theme is meant to present the idea that true beauty and hospitality does not always require extravagant detail. It helps depict the idea of marriage as an adventure, offsetting the more traditional expectations of a perfectly styled wedding.

By incorporating the phrases "live free", "offer kindness", "begin to listen" and "stay eager" around the wedding table, we're encouraging a more natural flow of conversation that reflects the couple's style. These phrases invite their guests to come around the table and be present with one another - to cultivate community through celebration and to reconnect with their individual selves in the process.

Elegant, yet simple. Grand, yet humble. Captivating, yet freeing. These are the contradictions that paint the complexity and beauty of this union. Our hope is to inspire more modern couples to create a wedding table that welcomes a sense of  natural wonder and open conversation. One that inspires  freedom and presence. One that celebrates their current lifestyle and sets the tone of their future life together. 

Offer kindness, begin to listen, stay eager, live free."