I'm delighted to have another of the beautiful shoots from 2017s FORAGE & FERN workshop for you today. Our shoots at the workshop aren't hugely structured and don't include a lot of details - like tablescapes for example. Mostly because we focus on trying to provide as much practical teaching as we can rather than purely provided portfolio fodder. And with such amazing teachers like Colorado wedding photographer BRUMLEY & WELLS (who captured this shoot) and JONATHAN CANLAS you really can't go wrong. With different styles, but matching passions these two are the most incredible teachers and anyone who is lucky enough to be in their presence for four days is privileged indeed! As with the other shoots already featured from the workshop this was dreamt up and styled by Wedding stationery designer THE WELLS MAKERY, with PONDEROSA & THYME creating the most insanely beautiful floral creations!

Annie tells us, "We absolutely love working with LEANNE MARSHALL, and so we designed the bridal shoot with her gowns in mind. We chose a more structured gown to compliment the strange, curving lines of the inside of a seaside cave. Ponderosa & Thyme’s gorgeous oversized bouquet really made that scene magical, and I feel like those florals perfectly summarised and punctuated everything we were trying to do. We chose a loosely flowing gown for our second bridal look, to balance the more structured lines of the first, and because Leanne’s flowing gowns are so weightless that when they move in the wind it’s hard to believe that they’re real."