When planning a winter wedding, white might not always come straight to mind. You may think you want to infuse colour into a season that is otherwise quite neutral yet if you open yourself to the warm and welcoming embrace of a brilliant winter white hue and let it envelop you, you might just be surprised by how natural white feels. Working with JULIA PARK, RAINBOW CHAN WEDDINGS & EVENTS produced this utterly gorgeous shoot with that in mind. We're loving the textural elements that florist SWEET WOODRUFF put together and think they're perfect for a winter wedding.

Rainbow tells us, "The austere and impeccable beauty of a wintry white landscape, of a world frozen in perfection, surrounded by the familiar and sentimental feeling of freshly powdered snowfall. This scenic inspiration of simplicity, artistry, and minimalism drawn from an essential theme of a clean and pristine winter white hue would be the main motivation behind our latest styled shoot, “Winter Crisp”; a fanciful invitation into the brilliant and beautiful world of white. Elegance, simplicity, stylishness, and serenity. These inspirational points would drive our stylists, planners, and coordinators to perfectly fashion and sculpt a theme based on the minimalist draw of a winter white hue. The use of white forms an endless palette, filled in its space with sensuality, subtlety, and a graceful artistry, creating a breathtaking and ultimately captivating scenery. Fitting perfectly with the seasonal style, our planners and coordinators had chosen Toronto’s brilliant and spacious MINT ROOM STUDIOS, a lovely photo-shoot set in the city’s west end which boasted a stylish and perfectly pristine white hall that was an absolute fit for our intended style and design. 

To begin work on the pristine powdered snow palette, our stylists brought together a list of design elements and stylistic motifs which blend well with the winter white aesthetic; effortlessly creating an enchanting dream world from the simplest of style cues. Incorporating both bride and flower girls for the styled shoot, our stylists aimed for a dainty and orderly appeal with bridal gowns specially provided by Toronto boutique bridal shop FERRÉ SPOSA. Spotlessly clean and clear linen gowns to the bright white backdrop creates a unifying effect to the wedding space. Accompanied by linens and draperies provided by Toronto’s Linens Closet, the styled shoot becomes truly enveloped in a warm winter-white embrace. Beautifying the hall with specially selected bouquets care-of the florists Toronto’s SWEET WOODRUFF, our stylists had selected a palette of gold, lava white, auburn bronze and an aged paper thematic of both elegant bouquets and a snowy amalgam of wintertime pond-grass and wooden twigs that bring an enchanting glow to the lily white wedding hall. As for the added adornments, a delectable and simplistic wedding cake provided by ROCOCOA BUTTER serves to highlight the wintry theme, a delightfully simplistic stationary set to greet guests to the charming wedding space, while the stemware and wedding ring ensemble provided by CYNTHIA FINDLEY ANTIQUES serves as the crowning gem to the superlatively stunning styled shoot. All in all, “Winter Crisp” is a true and honest showcase of how tremendous a simple colour palette and theme can be to creating a gorgeous wedding day style. So feel free to lose yourself in the vast expanse of winter’s snow, and be embraced by the loving glow of 'Winter Crisp'."