Last March, TANDEM EVENTS and B. SCHWARTZ PHOTOGRAPHY had the honour of travelling through the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy. They quickly fell in love with the Italian's simple way of life; cappuccinos with friendly locals, midday siestas, and long strolls through small villas. The result of their time there is evidenced in this simply stunning clifftop shoot which they did on their return home.

"This shoot was inspired on a small train from Montecatini to Florence, Italy, as we reflected and wanted to encompass the Italian's ease and expression of life. Although this is not Tuscan themed, we planned to prove that successful and memorable engagement shoots are ones that truly reflect the couple's passion, and simply put; go back to simple basics. To achieve this, we desired to embody warm evening light, unforgettable scenery, soft details and let the couple do the rest. 

The day after we returned, our team and I spent an afternoon on top of Horsetooth Reservoir. As we hiked up to a large cliff face, the beauty of the afternoon light began to dance on the water and set along the hills. The scenery speaks for itself and the simple eucalyptus florals added soft texture without distracting. The exquisite dress by ALEXANDRA GRECCO formed to the wind and rocks adding the perfect touch of soft elegance. 

This day was all we had hoped for and more as we brought their simplicity of life from Montecatini, Italy all the way to the top of a cliff in Fort Collins, Colorado."