You've probably gathered by now that we love ourselves some great coastal inspiration. Having always lived by the sea there is just something about it that's both calming and awe-inspiring, and getting married with the sound of waves crashing or the gentle lull of lapping waters sound pretty perfect to us. This stunning shoot by IVA NOVA PHOTO took place on the Crimea peninsula during a workshop with YAROSLAV & JENNY a landscape of endless steppes, high mountains, and striking deep blue sea! A relaxed gown by TATYANA KOCHNOVA and bridal accessories by one of our fabulous vendors BRIDE LA BOHEME give the bride a relaxed bohemian style.

Photography IVA NOVA PHOTO / Taken at workshop by YAROSLAV & JENNY / Decor by HOLIDAY EVERY DAY / Calligraphy by VERA GOLOSOVA / Hair & make0up NASTYA SPIVAK / Painter MARINA KOZINAKI / Bridal dress TATYANA KOCHNOVA / Bridal accessories BRIDE LA BOHEME