It's not every day you get to wear two designer dresses but when you're about to have your engagement photos done at a stunning location by a super talented photographer - Faith from WINSOME & WRIGHT - you want to be making the most of that opportunity! For this beautiful session at Pfeiffer State Beach in Big Sur, Chantal wore gowns by ALEXANDRA GRECCO and CHRIS RILEY BRIDAL and had the amazing JESS WILCOX do her hair & make-up for the occasion. 

Groom to be James had this to say: "When you look back on life, you will find everything happens for a reason. One day in college, I stumbled upon a friend's writing class lab, noticed a beautiful girl sitting on the next seat, writing essays. I took the opportunity to introduce myself before the professor threw me out of the class. After 8 years of being together, we finally found our home here in Santa Barbara. We stumbled upon Faith's photography portfolio, and it was love at first sight. We were so excited when she suggested Pfeiffer Beach. We probably would not have found it if it weren't for Faith. The caves and purple sand are breathtaking. Thanks to Faith's dedication, professionalism, sense of humor (she said to embrace the sand and walk on it with dress shoes), and well-planned session, we really enjoyed the trip and loved the resulting pictures."