The main objective for this colourful fresh bridal shoot by JANCA KORCEK was to show that weddings can be beautiful and eco-friendly all at once. The vendors involved in this shoot use predominantly local resources, think ecologically, and keep up with trends. Mostly inspired by autumn, the aesthetic was still fresh and colourful. Most of the materials used were collected from the garden and surrounding forests.

"The dress came from a young brand - YOORA STUDIO - that offers a comprehensive collection of original wedding dresses. All designs are connected by one thread which is the use of naturally certified material: organic and peace silk, lace made with organic cotton and lining of the dresses made with satin bamboo – viscose fibre. The florals were created by JARABINA - a studio re-discovering long-forgotten and non-traditional species of flowers. Our philosophy is a reflection of the current mood in nature and its transition into floral arrangements. These nature-focused vendors and came together to create a beautiful and romantic shoot while keeping our earth in mind."