The moody cosiness of this couples shoot by VICKY LAMBURN is right up my alley! Those misty landscapes get me every time... I just imagine being holed up in a quaint country cottage spending days reading, walking the landscapes and cooking hearty meals. When Fiona & Will approached Vicky about doing a shoot in Lancashire and Yorkshire in North England, the main talking point was their love of the wild and the outdoors, so they set out to explore the misty moorlands about the Dales and in the Forest of Bowland and these beautiful images are the result. 

Vicky tells us, "I have long wanted to turn engagement sessions and indeed my wedding reportage/fine art style more towards storytelling but done beautifully and with thought, using cinematic influences. Rather than relying on dramatic backdrops and set pieces, I see this as the first of hopefully what will be many many love story sessions, with a sense of journey, purpose and not just being 'some nice photos' - rather that the photos tell a couple's story with depth of meaning and emotion, that reflects the moods of that relationship.

We set out into the mist, moors and forests hiking into the wild rugged landscape and set about creating a touching, tender love story couple shoot. A big influence was reading Emily Brontë's 'Wuthering Heights'.

On the second day the weather changed between mist and grey to full sunshine by the time we arrived at the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct. Not quite what the three of us had in mind, but all the same, an awesome end to two days in the north of England with this amazing couple."