Bear with me for a minute! I want to transport myself to this beautiful location; sit wrapped up in a blanket in a cosy little cabin with a stack of magazines, a cup of hot chocolate and a roasting fire to warm me. I'd have just come in from a refreshing walk in the brisk yet cool fresh air. Rain or shine I wouldn't mind. Sounds rather blissful don't you think? Anyway I'm getting carried away... back to this beautifu lshoot by NATALIA SHATRUIK which was captured in Crimea.

"Lovely couple Anna and Nick decided to celebrate their engagement with a photo shoot on the beautiful island of Crimea where they live. We showcased at least a small part of the island - all of which is so beautiful. We chose the Cape Meganom with it's desert like landscape. Its Eastern part is mountainous and juts out into the sea, and the western part lower, hilly, with terraces and ravines. Anna has a tremendous, almost magnetic beauty and fragility of a true Russian girl. Nick is still tall and stately, like a real man. We made the most of the last warm ray of the sunlight."