It was such a dream to feature this stunning Moroccan Editorial by ALEXANDER JAMES and PEARL & GODIVA in the latest edition of Magnolia Rouge Lifestyle. If you haven't yet had a chance to read it you can see it HERE and of course it's also available to order in print. There is so much beauty to this feature I've had to split it into two equally gorgeous posts. And since Pearl's words about the inspiration behind it are far more eloquent than mine could ever be I'll had you over to her!

When we started to conjure up the idea of shooting in the Moroccan desert, it was but a mere daydream. But as our passion for the project grew, with the build up of designs and ideas, as our senses came alive with the sights and smells of the desert, the dream took shape. What makes our visions' so thrilling -- is that chemistry -- of taking a dream and giving it wings. We wanted to inject truth and authenticity, with accents of the traditional berber style... so much so that we spent an entire day hunting in the souks of Marrakech for a berber wedding bridal headpiece. We didn't want to do a shoot in Morocco and put a girl in a perfect white wedding dress, it would be too out of context, too jarring, and not in harmony with the soul of the desert.

Could one say that, the inimitable style of this shoot is in fact reminiscent of 'wabi sabi'? It is the Japanese phrase for 'perfect imperfection'. When we stood in the endless desert and looked up to the distant horizon, wispy clouds of hope and change drifted past, stained pink. A sense of awe enveloped us, and gifted us with a miniature but innate reflection that the world, and life in it, is truly a perfect imperfect wonder. We do truly reject the sterility of soulless design, and this is what we came up with.

Photography ALEXANDER JAMES / Production, Art Direction & Styling PEARL & GODIVA

The Gowns SAMUELLE COUTURE / Bespoke Headpiece OPAL & OWL / Props PEARL & GODIVA