Minimal, delicate and clean was photographer NICOLE LAPIERRE'S inspiration for this styled shoot. She wanted to inspire other photographers to make the most of their small spaces by using light colours and organic textures. Delicate florals also helped to create a soothing and calming space for an intimate wedding.

Nicole tells us, "Having just returned from a photography trip to Cuba, I really wanted to replicate the plaster walls that I had fallen in love with down there for the backdrop of the shoot. I took to the internet for guidance on how to undertake a venetian plaster wall, but there were way too many conflicting instructions that I decided it best to wing it. I bought some tools, along with painting and plaster supplies, and then set out to plaster a 300 square foot wall in my studio. It took me three days to finish the wall.

On the morning of, I had to make the lilac branch installation and suspend it from the ceiling (which I had foraged for the night before), then make the floral arrangements and centrepiece before everyone arrived. It was a rush, but I work best under pressure, I suspect most creatives do, am I right?"