We are feeling all sorts of inspired with these dreamy images by OLIVER FLY PHOTOGRAPHY. Capturing the creative process of florist LAETITIA C. FLEURS D'ATELIER at work they transport us to a quaint spot in the French countryside and document the creative process that goes on behind the scenes. 

Oliver says, "As a wedding photographer, I am always honoured to be the privileged witness of the beautiful floral arrangements from florists/floral designers. I always see the finished result of a wedding day and we all know how much hard work actually went in to creating some floral decor with bouquets and centerpieces. However, I never had the opportunity to see the Behind The Scenes of those talented creatives because during that time we are photographing other moments with the bride and groom.

Love for the beauty and wildness of nature, my father's legacy, one of my greatest inspiration combined with the encounter of a talented florist gave birth to the editorial Florist at Work.

As a result, I had the fabulous opportunity to travel from Paris to Provence to capture the deep love for flowers and creativity of the french florist Laetitia C. Fleurs d'atelier. With more than hundreds and hundreds weddings under her belt, she's running a successful business with a modern and stylish feel to her creations staying inspired by the beauty of Provence. It was such a privilege to capture her flower recipe for success when crafting some beautiful floral arrangements for a romantic engagement dinner in the courtyard of a lovely Mas - a traditional provencal house nested in the middle of lavender fields."

Laetitia shares with us, "For this romantic engagement dinner, set in the courtyard of an ancient Mas (traditional farmhouse found in Provence), I chose a blue colour palette with some accents of white. I wanted to reflect, in my choice of flowers and colours, the very deep bond between Joy and Matthew. Blue seemed like the perfect colour for that occasion as it symbolises true love, purity, serenity, intimacy and deep trust and delphinium flowers are a symbol of new beginnings.

What I liked most about these arrangements is that they're nearly all foraged from the garden and hills around the Mas. I harvested what was right there and the different hues of green I found complemented perfectly the varied blues of the delphiniums and gentians. I used some heirloom brass vessels and candle holders to complement the venue and the beautiful ancient and textured stone table. I really think that breaking away from the traditional flower vases makes a big difference and gives a genuine and charming touch to the arrangements, whatever the occasion.

This 'all blue' look is a bit of a 'think outside the box' statement today, as for romantic and wedding florals, we are more used to seeing pastel colors like pale pinks and blush tones. But these have been around for quite a few years and lately, flower colours seem to get a little bolder with new trends in deeper and moodier shades. Blue, along with berry tones and merlot browns and reds, are slowly making their entrance in the flower trends.

I personally enjoy seeing blue coming back in the picture as, for centuries, it was the colour associated with weddings. Brides wore blue in ancient Rome to symbolise love, modesty and fidelity. It was a very popular colour in the wedding attire until the late 19th century.

And, as the proverb says "Marry in blue, lover be true"."