Whether you're a bride-to-be or a wedding professional, this super simple DIY on how to make a textured styling board will be something you want to bookmark! Rather than relying on the venue or your home to provide the perfect backdrop, if you make your own board you have control over the colours and how it will look and as you can see in these images, the results look pretty spectacular. Phoenix wedding photographer BRITTANY MAHOOD worked with florist HEATHER PAGE on this simple tutorial and then produced a whole lot of pretty to demonstrate their use. 


Blank canvas / Pre-mixed drywall compound / Trowel / Acrylic craft paint / Bowl (for paint) / Paint brush / Drop cloth


Step 1 / Place the blank canvas on a drop cloth or newspaper. Open the plaster and use the trowel to start smoothing the plaster on the canvas. Start in the middle, working the plaster to the outer edges. Continue until the entire canvas is covered and embrace the imperfections! The plaster is quite forgiving so if you're not happy with your original results, keep working it until you've achieve a texture that you're happy with.

STEP 2 / Once you have plastered the canvas and you're happy with the results, it's time to let the canvas dry. I would recommend 24 hours prior to painting, perhaps less for lightly applied plaster and longer for heavy plaster.

STEP 3 / Time to paint. Pour the acrylic craft paint in a bowl and start painting! I prefer using a combination of different brushes for paint application. After the first coat, I would recommend letting the canvas dry and then apply a second coat. I have also found that an extra coat or two of paint seals in the plaster, resulting in less chipping down the road.