This sweet engagement shoot by JUSTIN TEARNEY took place along the Delaware River in the charming town of Lambertville. Heather & Scott got engaged in the same town so it made sentimental sense that they return to celebrate their engagement. They tell us;

"The location for our engagement shoot was an easy choice. Lambertville is a charming and super photogenic little town on the Delaware River that we both loved and had spent a lot of time in together. It also happened to be the place where we found our engagement ring! We were looking for a ring with a history, and with Lambertville's plethora of amazing antique shops we knew it would be the place. It was fun to take a photo in front of the Jewellery shop, and we even saw the associates who sold us the ring during our shoot!

Believe it or not, we got engaged for our tenth dating anniversary. We met in high school and did the long distance relationship thing for a little while after graduating before we ended up moving to Nashville together. We spent eight years there and our families seemed to have given up hope for a wedding by the time we decided we were ready to move back East and get hitched! Our photographer, Justin, couldn't have been more amazing and we were stunned by the way he captured Lambertville and our relationship on film! "