Be it a stunning pair of shoes or an heirloom piece of jewellery, I'm a firm believer that the right accessories can make an outfit - and never more so than on your wedding day! We're delighted to be showcasing the new Opulence Collection from Bridal accessories designer NATURAE DESIGN. These gorgeous creations make the perfect finishing touch to your bridal attire and add a couture like elegance. 

"The Opulence collection is for the woman who is searching for a unique hair adornment. Accessories that channel a time where reality does not exist and capture the essence of dreams. She is a mysterious creature that wanders through dreamy landscapes with timeless elegance."

This fine art collection is filled with pieces that are inspired by nature and based on organic forms; a headband with hand molded silver sea fan branches, hairpins inspired by dew drops on petals housing faceted zircon's, a coronet made from Italian olive leaves handcrafted with sterling silver.

Every single piece is hand molded in the NATURAE DESIGN studio in the Netherlands and is available in a limited quantity of 10 pieces of each design. This means that no two pieces will ever look the same. The collection was created to offer brides an opportunity to wear high quality design piece and something very unique. Each one can be altered so it's entirely customised for you. And what could be more special than that for your wedding day. 

The pieces are made of solid Sterling Silver which ensures they won't age over time and will become a heirloom. The Opulence designs will form an ongoing collection and will exist next to NATURAE DESIGN'S annual range. And fun fact - the 'sea branches crown' took one and a half years to make! How incredible is that? Designer Daniella spent the time experimenting with different techniques. You certainly know that you're getting a piece of art that's been lovingly created when you buy a headpiece or adornment from NATURAE DESIGN.

We're delighted to have NATURAE DESIGN as part of our vendor guide - be sure to check out their full portfolio