The grace and elegance of this ballet inspiration by JEMMA KEECH is what every little girl dreams of. With stunning florals by BITS & BLOOMS, an exquisite dress from SAMANTHA WYNNE and a simple yet very pretty paper suite by PLUMA AND PAPEL it's a feast for the eyes. 

Stylist BITS & BLOOMS explains more about the shoot: "Having spent ten years each as professional ballet dancers before starting Bits & Blooms we have always wanted to create a shoot that combined all of the beautiful industry folk we know and our other love of classical ballet. Inspired by spring we wanted to create a setting that epitomised femininity and beauty. With a focus on natural, organic lines and textures, it was important for us that every image contained some kind of fluidity. Whether it be the twisting vines growing over the run down 100 yr old bakery walls, or the lilting curves of PLUMA & PAPEL'S handwritten stationary, we wanted each element to command it's own elegance and grace."