Weddings often conjure feminine imagery, but such an idea is limiting, as boundaries do not exist when it comes to styling one's dream day. Captured by Nice Wedding photographer TONY GIGOV and planned by Verena Krenn of WRITTEN IN THE STARS, this breathtaking wedding editorial is inspired by the incomparable 007 – James Bond. Having such an event take place almost 10,000 feet above sea level is breaking barriers when it comes to location. It perfectly combines the masculine and feminine notes evoked from the subtle and crisp details of this wedding dreamscape.

In a nod to James Bond, the restaurant ICEQ – the backdrop for scenes from the movie Spectre – is featured. Sitting high and proud on the glacier with an exterior of all glass, it appears too perfect to be real. The location mirrors ease and elegance in the middle of the formidable Alps. Naturally, the groom is suited up, James Bond-like, in a tuxedo, sporting a favourite accessory of 007, an Omega watch 'Seamaster'.

An elegant PRONOVIAS dress with a lace top provides the bride with smooth detail highlighted even more by the contrasting surroundings. The tulle skirt harmonises perfectly with the softness of the snow, and stylish Jimmy Choo's flawlessly blend a subtle golden hue with the shimmer of the surrounding ice. Blue diamonds by POMELLATO echo the wintery landscape and piercing blue eyes of both the bride and groom while providing a bold detail to contrast the softness of the bride's snow-white dress.

Flowers unite the elegance of this 007 winter theme by combining spring-like beauty with the boldness of the winter. A champagne biscuit cake blends the natural elements of the location with the colour palette of the day while black and gold details gracefully adorn the tablescape, contrasted by blue ice candles. No detail is left behind, as even the paper elements by CARISSIMO LETTERPRESS reflect James Bond with noble and strong black and white uncoated paper featuring soft gold calligraphy.

A breathtaking helicopter flight to the 5-star quintessential alpine HOTEL CENTRAL caps the couple's dreamy 007 journey. Such a romantic trip by air showcases the stunning and unique elements of the Alps while honouring an often chosen transportation mode of James Bond. The masculine notes of the steel helicopter, wrapped in the feminine tones of the wedding details, highlight the couple's love and devotion.

All in all what a dream of a wedding concept for those of you who are adventure lovers!