It was a cape in the middle of a forest and the colour blue that gave photographer NOEMI JARIOD the first flash of inspiration to create this story. Once gathered in the magical woods at LA GARRIGA DE CASTELLADRAL, the creative team found themselves surrounded by beautiful plants and vegetation.

"Every forest has its own story, and harbours the secrets of those who have lived there, as well as a great wisdom deep within its fruits, leaves and roots. When the wind begins to blow harder, a whistle, almost a melody, is carried through it, one which would have touched others too; others, who like us, were also foreigners beneath these trees. We can imagine them, strolling through the forest on an autumn day, when the sun has dropped lower in the sky, and the days grow shorter. Strolling, and savouring the red pomegranates of this beautiful, unique forest, maybe even dreaming of other lives, also touched by the wind. To add contrast to the design, MIREIA ABRAS combined the cooler colours of our initial palette with the warmer tones offered by the forest at that time: the red and orange shades of pomegranate, filling the forest with life and colour, and a very special fruit in our region. 

In all celebrations, the table is of vital importance, and we wanted to recreate the vitality we felt within it. We began with the natural tones of wood and whicker (furniture selected in Mercantic, a local antiques dealer), and combined them with the grey and metallic shades offered by the other elements: candle sticks and cutlery. A fusion of earth and cobalt colours. Accompanying these features, the flowers added a natural, gentle silhouette. Faded roses from the garden were the flowers of choice. The table was lined with linen, and decorated with great delicacy, to create an image of great simplicity. Framing them from above, was an arch of metal leaves, and a variety of seasonal greens, eucalyptus, and viburnum, underlying the essence of this wild, natural design with the features of our land."

"A simple ceremony with just a select number of features was prepared, to portray the essence of what really matters: the couple. Two chairs, surrounded by the luxury of the metallic objects and the wealth of the garden flowers. The swing gave a special romantic touch, hanging between the slender pine trees of the forest. Once again the blue tones of the dress are blended with the warmer tones of the “Charles de Gaulle" roses from the garden, the rose hips and fern leaves, over a blanket of moss. Flowers to inspire the dreamiest gaze. The forest itself enabled us to change key, and provide an element of surprise with an air of sophistication in the next scene. The key feature was the antique burgundy sofa, set amid the very heart of the vegetation, adding a more theatrical touch, and contrasting these two opposite sides of the surroundings. This touch of sophistication led us up to the entrance of the MASÍA LA GARRIGA and its beautiful arch; an architectural feature enabling us to reveal a very different beauty to our bride, with a more daring touch. With the green rose hips and stunning bougainvillea we were once again able to offer an air of sophistication, without losing sight of the singular natural essence to this magical place."