As much as we love a relaxed laid back we're also very partial to a classic black tie affair. This gorgeous shoot by JESSICA BELLINGER is all class, and features exquisite florals by RISE FLORAL, gorgeous paper goods by MICHELLE KWEE and the prettiest gown by CHIC NOSTALGIA BRIDAL - all planned by THE 7TH FLOOR PLAN.

Jessica shares with us, "When I think of a black tie wedding, I think of maturity, modesty & class. The obvious parts of having a black tie wedding is the luxury apparel. The not so obvious part of it is how it is executed and the attention to detail. When I think of black tie, I think of a classical romance novel, where they profess their love using big words and well thought out sentences, where they take long walks along the lake and take memorable photographs of each other, where they whisper sweet nothings over a candle lit dinner amongst close friends and family.

Like any love story, there are the things you can't see. There are butterflies in your stomach, stars and glitter bursts in your heart when you kiss, and the way you feel when you see those trinkets that remind you of that person you love. Maybe they were gifts, maybe they were apart of special moments, maybe you found them on the forest floor while going for a long walk together. 

The love story was poised from the beginning. Sometimes feelings were shared without using words, but looking into each others eyes."