Jacob from BRUMLEY & WELLS always astounds us with his exquisite photography. He has a special way of being able to capture the essence of his subjects. This amazing mock engagement shoot takes place in Tsdo, Georgia - a country that's very special to my heart! This small village is just south of the Russian border and has less than 20 year-round inhabitants.

Jacob shares with us, "A fierce beauty rests in the Caucasus Mountains, villages sleeping in the shadows of towering, rugged peaks, fires kindling in cast-iron boxes, everything that is alive and beautiful preparing for winter's long and arduous visit. After spending a short ten days in Georgia, i began imagining an editorial shoot inspired by the weather-beaten homes and the conservative, rural dress of the local women. They were timeless and beautiful. Their beauty was a particular kind of beauty, one that can rarely be found outside of rural communities, a beauty that feels rooted in the land, as if the land and its people are growing, learning together.

For our Ardor Workshop the following summer, Annie and Whitney of THE WELLS MAKERY ran with the inspiration, bringing to life the concept. Our workshop attendees and our creative team arrived in Tsdo unannounced almost nine months after my first visit. Luckily, they remembered us and with open arms welcomed the entire group into their homes where we were able to create together."

This shoot also features in the latest issue of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.