In all the years Magnolia Rouge has been operating, I'm not sure that I've ever featured anything from Brazil but thankfully SIMON LY PHOTOGRAPHY is here to rectify that with this beautiful engagement shoot from the South of Brazil in some pretty epic sand dunes!

Since Simon has so eloquently written about this I'm going to hand you straight over to him, "Love knows no boundaries and no distance is too big for love to conquer. The beauty of my job is that I get to experience some of the most phenomenal love stories of our generation. These love stories feature your everyday normal couples but are so extraordinary you would think they are fairy tales. I recently traveled to Florianopolis in the south of Brazil, to meet a couple for their engagement photos. And like I always say, every couples story is unique and thus should be documented as so. When you meet Marcella and Fabrizio for the first time the love between the two is evident. It’s not just in the way they that Fabrizio holds Marcella or in the way that Marcella looks at Fabrizio with admiration; it's in everything they do. From how they speak about each other to the constant laughter in their conversation and how they complete each other’s sentences. Their love for each other is openly and effortlessly portrayed for everyone to see. Fabrizio is an inhabitant of the city of Florianopolis and a professional model in Brazil. Marcella, on the other hand, moved all the way to Florianopolis to finally live with her man. With miles between them, their love still bloomed. Brought together by their love of surfing and all outdoor activities, these two individuals gave love and romance a shot. A few years of long-distance dating coupled with constant traveling and sacrifices to meet up, the lovebirds are now engaged and waiting to tie the knot. This great love that knows no boundaries is what drove Marcella to leave her hometown and move to Florianopolis - a new city but a home to the man of her dreams. Their love for the outdoors is documented throughout their engagement images. As they imprint their footsteps in the sand, they hope their love story will be marked on these photographs until the end of time."