What do your weekend mornings look like? Are they slow and lazy or are you up and about and at the sports field in a mad rush? They're a little sacred these mornings aren't they? I must admit mine are pretty lazy for the most part. My husband gets up at an obscene time to take our two energetic dogs for a long walk at the park. I keep telling him to leave it until later and just chill out for a bit but he feels better if he's up early and it's on his terms, rather than the dogs whining for him to get up! Makes sense I guess but I'm sure glad it's him and not me! Our little one usually makes her way into our bed and by the time Dad's home with coffee for me, we're often still lounging in bed! CHRISTINE GOSCH has captured this lovely intimate morning at home for an engagement session which was styled by KELCIE ANTON.

Christine tells us, "Mitchell and Hillary are the type of people who you want to be surrounded by on a daily basis. They're smart, kind, generous, funny, and it doesn't hurt that they look like they belong on the cover of a magazine! This was such a calming and almost therapeutic engagement session for me, as it was everything I love about life: good company, beautiful light, delicious food, simple interior design, and relaxing music. Mitchell and Hillary's effortless morning at home was spent making brunch together. With southern homemade recipes like banana bread with local honey, spinach and mushroom quiche, and a variety of spreads and jams, you can't go wrong. Once everything was baked and the table was set, we all sat down for a meal and talked about their upcoming wedding plans and all of the handcrafted wood projects Mitchell was working on for their new apartment together. It was quality time at it's finest."