Hello, hello! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! We have a gorgeous Spanish engagement shoot for you today by Spanish wedding photographer IN LOVE BY BINA with some incredible landscapes.

BINA tells us, "It was so much fun capturing these two lovebirds in my second home, Spain. They're living in Elche close to Alicante which was about 30 minutes away from the two locations I'd chosen for the shoot. They have been a couple for about 4 years and are so in love with each other. It was so cute how he warmed her up when it was getting colder after sunset and they weren't shy or inhibited in front of my camera even though they had only met me five minutes earlier.

The places we visited are close to Mahoya; the first spot was an almost dried river with high walls and great colours with these red and orange stones. The light was just perfect and there was no-one around us which made it quiet easy to make the most of the space. Just before sunset we headed off to the next place to capture the last sunlight of the day. It's a kind of moon like landscape, like a desert but with no sand, just a dried area instead. While capturing the last minutes of light it began to get really cold which was perfect for the atmosphere cause Luciano had to warm Teresa and they had to move to get warm as well, which I love to capture in my images. 

As it was getting dark it was amazing to watch the stars and the full moon cause there has been no noise of light and it was quiet magical. The flower bouquet we used for the shoot was created with flowers and plants from my garden in Spain. I wanted to create a bouquet that suited the area and the colours of the landscape. So I walked around my house, the beach and the forest in Spain to pick flowers and plants that would fit my vision. I also used the beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons by SEIDENBAND to give more movement to the pictures. The beautiful bridal dress by VICTORIA RÜSCHE was the right fit for this shoot and I loved how the wind and the movement let it fly."

A huge thank-you to Spanish wedding photographer IN LOVE BY BINA for sharing this gorgeous engagement shoot from Spain with us today. Bina is a fine art photographer from Germany, who will travel throughout Europe for your event. Be sure to check out more of In Love by Bina's work in our vendor guide.