Being a big fan of MK SADLER'S beautiful photography myself, I can completely appreciate why the ladies of Russian Wedding Planning Agency WEDDING BLUES invited her to partake in their workshop in the English countryside which was formed around the concept of Jane Austen's England.

They tell us, "It started with choosing a location. NONSUCH MANSION was initially constructed for George VIII and it was the perfect match for the vision we had for our workshop. Valleys, wide open space, an elegant interior - truly a dream come true. We wanted to work with the idea of enhancing and complementing the elements at hand rather than bringing in external decor objects. For two days long our attendees basked in a creative environment. To onlookers the whole process appeared very impressive: lunch in the mansion at one table, gorgeous views outdoors and a beautiful couple to photography. Communication at a workshop is key. The participants should have learnt not only technical knowledge but realised that there is something more behind a shot than just skill. It takes emotion which you have to discover in yourself and refer to it every time you look for inspiration and beauty. Therefore, it was crucial to set up the right environment that would help attendees to find this from within."

A simple modest gown by CATHYTELLE is more than fitting for the environment.