We can always rely on Southern California wedding photographer LUCY MUNOZ to provide us with the most beautiful inspiration and this desert shoot with a stunning ZIMMERMANN does not fall short! Lucy shares with us, "I left for the desert with an idea and a desire to simply be creative and capture beauty. I started with a silly notion based off of the word 'enigma'; a person or thing that is difficult to understand. Ever since the pandemic I realised that we had all changed in a way that is often still hard for me to verbalise because we are still in it, for the most part. When we go through things, as humans, we cling to other people for comfort. But what if that wasn't possible? What if we were alone and just had to go through it by ourselves? I assume we would try at all costs to communicate with others, just to feel safe, normal, or validated. 

I think that pretty much sums up the last year and a half of our lives during the pandemic. We all went through something together, but we all went through it alone. Some of us came out stronger than before, others had a much more difficult time. Whatever your experience was, at least we can all say that that we hopefully learned something about ourselves."

LILY RODEN FLORAL STUDIO created a beautiful bouquet to work in with the desert theme and BEAUTY BE SPOKEN gave the bride a stunningly natural glow.

A huge thank you to Southern California wedding photographer LUCY MUNOZ for sharing this beautiful inspiration with us. Lucy is a valued - and super talented - member of our VENDOR GUIDE. "From the moment I arrive at your wedding until the moment I leave, my goal is to capture your day so that you have an amazing mixture of candids, traditional poses, family formals and everything in between - all whilst delivering an incredible experience." Be sure to check out this Stunning destination wedding in Playa del Carmen.